Not an incubator. Not an investment club. Not an accelerator.
A business that creates other businesses.
From validating ideas to closing the first funding round. We grant money for MVP, experts, and infrastructure.
Startup studio
Корпоративным венчурам
The studio creates conditions for effective commercial implementation of a project, by dividing its resources between different projects
Benefits of working with the studio
We have already tested different ideas and selected the best ones according to market demand and expert opinion.
We reduce risks
We help with financing
We cover most of the costs for creating an MVP and help you get through to the next round.
We give access to network and experts
We have gathered the best experts, who greatly diversify the development of any project. Usually, startups cannot afford experts of this level.
We focus on the results
We are able to break the glass ceiling not through bureaucracy, but by using a scientific approach and a pragmatic understanding of market conditions.
Choose an idea
How we operate
Create MVP
Scale it and close the funding round
We conduct a preliminary assessment, determine potential prospects, relevance, and timeliness.
Big. Realistic. Scalable.
In 1-2 month, using external experts and our own team
We create a prototype of the product, which we then try to sell, to determine the vision of the market, gather insights from competitors, summarize primary indicators of unit economics.
During 4-8 months, we gather real feedback from our customers.
We quickly create a functional version of the product. Then, we test it, launch it, and collect feedback from our customers.
Timeline greatly depends on the type and segment of the project.
We are looking for areas of improvement and creating a clear operation structure.
The project attracts external investments, receives approval or is consolidated by a corporate structure.
Projects of the studio
Multiplier in a product batch
€45 m
Capitalization of studio traction
€5 m
Platform to empower expats integration
Average estimate of a project when leaving the studio
EdTech, HRtech
Platform for creating and delivering tailored education
Productivity tools
AI writing assistant for Mac
Adaptive guides for citizens and businesses
Computer vision
System of video analytics for football schools
Chatbot development studio
Classified ads platform
Fast and easy sailing yacht search
Social networking
A networking platform
for entrepreneurs and managers
Become a studio project co-founder
We have already selected and tested ideas. We will grant you money, give access to experts, share connections and our personal experience. All you need to do is implement everything and lead the project to success.
What do I need to become a co-founder?
You will need to fill in a form for co-founders and provide the studio with as much information about you as possible. After analyzing the form, we will schedule a 30-minute call in Zoom. During the call, we are going to get to know each other and discuss the expectations, conditions, and objectives of both parties in detail.
What share am I getting?
Co-founder, as a CEO of the project, gets 10%. However, we use the "skin in the game" approach, so that each co-founder participates in partial financing of the project, and shares vary from 20 to 60%.
How does the studio help with the launch?
We stick to the principle: don’t force any decision and don’t create unnecessary bureaucracy.

Since we have gone through the same product launch path many times, we have collected expertise regarding acting during every stage of the process: from validating the idea to registering your company, and choosing the best jurisdiction. At every stage of the process, we will provide you with access to our knowledge and best market experts, who can validate your decisions in 30 minutes.

After the project becomes independent, we keep helping with communication with investors and structuring the funding rounds in optimal conditions for the project.
Which projects does the studio specialize in?
We do not focus on specific sectors but there is a large number of requirements for an idea or a project at every single stage of development. It helps us reduce risks and find problem areas that hinder growth.
I have an idea. Can we launch it?
Of course! But before we can make a decision, whether the studio is interested in your idea or not, it needs to go through the same validation cycle as any other idea inside of the studio.
Will I receive a salary when I become a CEO/team member?
Yes, you will receive a salary from the moment your idea gets validated and the project moves to an active stage of development.
Become an early-stage investor
Founders with good experience of project exits can select ideas and create teams, and effectively launch projects with minimum risk for themselves and investors.
Average TVPI of the studio on early stages of project growth
18 mo.
Average product cycle batch
What do I need to become an investor?
We work together with investors on two types of objectives:
— investments in the studio,
— investments in the studio projects.

For your application to be considered, you need to complete the initial forms. After that, we schedule a 1:1 meeting to discuss our possible partnership in detail.
What is your track record?
We launched our first batches using our own capital, and after 2 years we have successfully launched 7 capitalized projects. Our total TVPI is more than 20. Track capital of studio projects – more than 36+ million euros.

All founders and partners of the studio – are people with more than 10 years of experience in building a large business or working in the first line of the corporate segment.
What is the deal type?
It depends on the investment type. If this is an investment in the studio, it depends on the current batch that gets updated every 8-24 months.

If this is an investment in the project, it depends on the objective of the current round, project stage, and whether there is a lead investor in the project.
What projects can I participate in?
If you are investing in a studio as an operational holding, it holds shares in every project engaged with the studio.

If you invest in a project, then we evaluate your investment profile and your past deals. After that, we create an investment list when planning the round.
What are the advantages of investing in the studio?
All studio investors get access to information about the project traction, "a right of first money", and a discount when projects exit the studio.

We focus on the international market and are very attentive towards choosing our partners and researching their fund's origins.
Become an expert in our projects
Monetize your experience: share expertise, meet new clients and partners from our community.
What does it mean to be a studio expert?
Studio expert is a professional in a certain field. We search for this type of people to get a consolidated market assessment and to diversify our projects.
What do I gain from this?
An expert, who is actively involved in the project development, receives an option in it, detailed project traction, and an opportunity to participate in the project funding round with a discount.
How do I become a studio expert?
Fill in an application form and contact one of the studio founders. We will get back to you shortly to discuss the details via Zoom.
I have an idea for a project. Can you make It happen?
Every idea in the studio goes through the same validation and development cycle. If the idea has been approved, we either start developing it with you as a CEO, or find a co-founder to drive the idea development.
Core Studio Team
Daniil Kirikov
10 years of entrepreneurial experience. International venture investor. Diversified and developed dozens of venture portfolios.
Dmitry Kibkalo
Launch Director
15 years of entrepreneurial experience. Founded, created, and sold game network “Mosigra” and “Magellan” publishing house. Author of several bestseller books.
Alexander Makaev
Chief Product Officer
12 years of experience in design and product management. Launched and grown dozens of startups in various fields, including gaming, edTech, social tech, analytics, and others.
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